Monday, April 9, 2007


Anybody feel like having a snack? I have some BLOG SNACKS for you. I went to Micheal's on Saturday, and found some yummy snacks I want to share with you.
Please leave a comment on this post. I would like for you to answer 2 questions
1.- How do you display your cards and for how long? (I know there are many demonstrators, so this kind of applies to your personal cards)
2.- What is the first thing that inspires you to make a card?
I will randomly select a number from the comments Friday April 13. I will post the winner Saturday morning!
I am looking forward to reading your comments!
Have a great week!
EDIT* What keeps you coming back to the same blog? i.e. What would make you come back to my blog?


CAKVD said...

Hello! What inspires me to make a card? Well, it would have to be that I have an hour before I have to get it in the mail or before the birthday party starts! I really need to make several cards and stockpile them. I usually display my cards for a week or so. Thanks!
Cheryl KVD

tyrymom29 said...

Hi there ,I ALways Browse tru blogs so i get most of my ideas from here on blogs And what inspires me is To Make someone day or someone smile with just a simple card !!! I love it !!! IM new so My cards are not the NIcest but I try my best!!!

Heather Leech said...

If someone has made me a card I'll keep it on display longer - maybe a few weeks. I always show my cards on our fireplace mantle or the top of our entertainment center thingy (I'm such an eloquent writer...hehehe)
As for what inspires me to make a card it's often a looming deadline for a swap. I'm a swapaholic and I can't seem to help myself! I'm only a hobby demo so I don't really need alot of samples. But it does get me stamping.

doverdi said...

I have a display board that I hang my cards on to display. When another card comes along I like better or a new creation, then I change it. lol As far as what inspires me to create a card - sometimes its the person I'm making it for, the paper, the stamp, etc. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I am a SU hobbyst demonstrator, however prior to that I used to display my cards on a display board.

What inspires me to make a card? My friend Angie. Check out her blog


dd2njoy said...

Hi there! I like to display my cards at least 7 to 10 days.
First thing that inspires me to make a card is when I get new supplies like stamps,paper,ribbon.
I can't wait to use new products,and there's always some kind of occasion to make a card!
They are so much fun!!! Thanks for a chance to win!!!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Hmmmmmmm....inspiration comes from who I am making the card for..I like to use their colors, tastes, themes...

Displaying a card? Well, when I make or receive a card it sits on my night stand for at least a week so I can admire it before I go to sleep!

stampinkerry said...

Hi, As you know I have cards displayed everywhere! I like putting them on my pushpin board, as well as my card tree.
What inspires me is an idea I see on SCS usually that I want to try.

Allison said...

I don't display my cards...they either get shoved into a stash box, handed over to my MIL or immediately mailed! (My stash box contains only those cards that are for specific people.) My inspiration comes from one of two places...something I have recently purchased (like patterned paper) or something I have seen on a blog/SCS. ( original ideas here! Hee hee!)

mjb coffee said...

I post my stamped cards on the dining room along with stamped items. After I display them I put them in lidded plastic boxes divided by catagory such as: wedding, happy birthday, get well, etc

Melanie aka Batgirl said...

How do you display your cards and for how long? I dont :( I put them in a lunch tin and show people when I need to or when they ask. I guess I display them with my Gallery on SCS

2.- What is the first thing that inspires you to make a card?

I love the techniques and ideas on SCS! so I will go there to try them out! If I have to make a card I will try something I have not tried before.

Linda Shaw said...

Hi...I don't display my cards but I do try to scan them so I will remember them if I ever wish to recreate one. I generally make them for swaps or when a friend or family member has an up & coming event.
Linda SS

L8ybug2 said...

Good Morning! I get my inspiration from all the blogs I visit. As for displaying my cards, I sit them next to my computer so I can admire what I've done. When I do another one I like I just change them out.

Andrea said...

I display my cards for ages, I put them in zip lock clear bags and hang with small pegs on string in my craft room. I am inspired by all the wonderful cards i see on bloggs like this one. Well done keep up the wonderful work. Have a great day. Andrea

Angel said...

I just got a new ribbon memo board to display my cards. Some I look at for weeks. I usually get the handstamped ones from only one friend though. And I love to come back to a blog that has some humor!

mj said...

hi rosella! i don't display my cards ... they go in a box for when i need them. i am inspired by a couple things 1)the person or event i need to make one for and 2)from scs or other blogs and magazines.
i think the common thread for the blogs i check in on regularly are fun projects and sharing stories about everyday life and stuff like that!

jodene said...

I usually leave my cards on top of my entertainment center for a day and let my kids tell me their favorite.Then I store them till I need them.A new stamp set will give me insperation.And all the wonderful cards I see on all the blogs.I like a blog that post every day and shares a little of their life.

Lori said...

Hi Rosella! Kerry passed me here!
Being right now my dh and my birthdays have been these past 2 weeks they are all still on display and probably will be until my 3 year old turns 4 at the end of the month. They are all masterpieces since they are all stampin' up excluding my husbands card to me that he made from the computer with the kids pics inside. And what inspires me to make a card is scs! and then the reason i am making a card, and then color! And your other question?! I will come here regularly now that I know you have a blog and havein my favs right under Kerry's!
Great questions!

Nancy said...

Hello, I display my demo cards in demo mini albums. I also have some mini stands that are fun to use. What inspires me when making cards is knowing who the card is going to and for what occasion. Sound silly but just knowing who I'm sending it to is very inspiring.
Nancy Grant

Lilian said...

usually a special person inspires me to make a card... usually for a b-day, wedding, baby, graduation, congratulations, or other special occasion. sometimes it's a "just because" card... =)

foodpartyfun said...

I display my cards on a shelf in my stamping room. When it gets full, I take some away and start adding more creations. I make card usually based on an occasion (birthday, thank-you, etc...) or it could just be a really great idea I see on a stamping blog.


Jan Scholl said...

After my cards are dry, I put them in a large baggie and set them aside until I figure out what to do with them. I dont display them at all. I photograph them for my archive and some end up on my blog. But I dont leave them out to look at-my cats would eat them!

I keep going back to look at blogs if they have a feed to my email. I have over 150 I look at but I can't always remember each so having Feedblitz of Feedburner halps a lot.

scfranson said...

I make a card for several reasons, sometimes because a special event is coming up and sometimes because I see a beautiful card someone else made and get inspired. I display cards on our china hutch.
Claudia F.

Debi said...

i have to say that my inspiration comes from all the wonderful card sample on Splitcoast as well as the 100 or so blogs I browse each day. I have a book shelf in my stamp area that displays my most favorite cards and projects and I take them down little by little as I begin adding more.

Melissa Roth said...

Hi there! I am inspired to make a card when a holiday or someones birthday is around the corner. I generally display them on my desk until I pick up. Then they will either get mailed or tucked away in a box for later.
Melissa R.