Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I had been seeing all these blogs getting tagged, didn't really expect to get tagged my self. I got tagged by Maria at http://cardinspired.blogspot.com/. I like her variety. She gives a lot of card scetches and also great 3D projects.

Now I am supposed to give 7 facts or habits of myself and tag 7 other blogs.

1.- I enjoy reading other ladies bloggs so much, that I tend to neglect my own and also making my own projects.
2.- My dream is to someday play the piano with an orchestra (probably have to wait till I get into heaven - I think there I will be able to play any instrument)
3.- I speak 4 languages. I like the use them all together to express myself.
4.- I'm too shy.
5.- I would love to be a pilot.
6.- I enjoy watching American Idol. I find Simon very entertaining.
7.- I'm scared of spiders.

I am going to tagthe following blogs. All great stamper who inspire me:

Check out these great ladies blogs.


mj said...

Thanks Rosella! Those were neat fun facts. We have something in common ... I am extremely afraid of spiders as well.

regina said...

Thanks Rosella, for the tag, okay I will have to work on this later this week..........it has been crazy at my home the last few days with my hubby being out of town and me being with the 4 little ones all by myself....thanks again and have a blessed day.