Thursday, June 21, 2007


I just read my online devotional and really loved it. It reminds us that each of us is made unique. That God wants us to have a dream and to enjoy life. So it suggests for us to take time to do something for ourselves besides the things we 'have to' do. Very often we get so involved in our 'have to' life, that we forget to dream. You can read it here:
And go and to something special for yourself!

If you are fan of the Splitcoast challenges, I encourage you to check out today's Ways to Use it 118B challenge . Julia Stainton's mom passed away on Sunday and the challenge is for us to send her a card. I think that is very thoughtful. I just noticed that Julia has posted her regular challenge, so off I go to check it out too.

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mj said...

Hey Rosella! I got your beautiful card in the mail today! Thank YOU so much! What a great surprise to find in those bills and junk. hee!
I LOVE the cross banner on the side ... that's cool! How'd ya do that? Have a wonderful day! :)