Monday, May 14, 2007


Hello everybody!

Hope you all had a wonderful MOTHER'S DAY!

We had a relaxing day at home, which was perfect! It was also my BIL's birthday. So we celebrated with a BBQ and a cake. And my dh and bil watched 2 of the GODFATHER movies, which I didn't really had a chance to get into as I got interrupted quite frecuently.

My 2 dd's both gave me some handmade gifts.

Melanie gave me this bright floral card and a pillowcase on which she ahd drawn 'my' face. Somehow it was transfered to the pillowcase with sandpaper? Have to get more detailed information from her yet.

Vanessa made a little book. The cover is fabric with great colors.
The book reads like this:


I wanted to give you a par of sunglasses

for Mother's Day but I did not

I wanted to buy you a dress

for Mother's Day, but it was to expensive

I wanted to pick you a flower

for Mother's Day, but I did not know what kind

I wanted to dreow a picture

For Mother's Day but I forgot

So I think I'll just give you a hug, and wish you

(spelling mistakes are my dd spelling. She is 6)
Have a great day!

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