Monday, September 17, 2007


What can I say? I have not blogged very well lately. Not a post in over a week. Not good! I did actually make some cards and altered some letters, but I have not been able to post. Why? For some strange reason I have trouble signing into Blogger most of the time (that's why I am posting something since I was able to sign in today). And also my internet services was not working well during last week. I was getting a bit frusterated with them. First I have to wait about 1 hour on hold till I get to talk to somebody, then they have no idea how to fix this. First of all they told me that there was something wrong with my computer, which I was willing to believe, because this computer is old. So I thought I'd ask my dh to bring his laptop home from work, and I found out that I could not connect with that one either. So, now I know that it is not my computer. And I call them again, and now my 'old' computer freezes while we are trying to fix this, which means we could not fix this. So I let it go for a couple of days. I have been waiting for my highspead ADSL modem, so I figured it should be here any day now and then I would fix the problem. But, it had not arrived here yet and my dh needed for me to do something for him online (I'm kinda his secretary). There I go again and wait for about an hour to talk to someone. Fortunately this guy knew what to do right away and it did not take long at all.
Here's my excuse and I stick with it.
I have to get my scanner connected and then I will post a card I made.
Thank you for letting me vent.

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