Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hi everybody,
Have you missed me? I was on vacation. My 3 kids and myself went to Mexico to visit our family for a week. We left on Sat. the 22nd and flew back into Seattle yesterday. We arrived at aprox. 10:30 pm, so we stayed there for night. And we came back home this afternoon.
I am quickly writing this on my dh's computer as I am never sure if I will be able to sign in. As was the case when I was going to let you know that I was going to be MIA.
I must say I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. It was a quick trip back home, which is really such a different culture... And now I have to get back to reality. Our boiler is not working, so that is one thing that has to be fixed ASAP.
Okay, I have to get my kids to bed and get organized.
I'll be back soon.
Have a great week.


mj said...

hope you had a great vacation! :)

Angel Wilde said...

WooHoo.... so glad you're pink. I HAVE to ask....HOW did you get that banner ribbon to say "As for me and my blog we will serve the Lord!"? I want to do that!