Thursday, September 6, 2007


Hi guys,
I'm writting this on my dh's computer at night. I have not been able to sign in to blogger on my old computer. It is so frusterating!!!! Can you hear me scream?!!!
I have something to post!!! But life is just not wanting me to post anything. You say, post on this computer as you are working on it already. Well, to start off with. My camera bateries are dead. Have to be charged. Then go charge them. Well, my dh took the charger with him to work a couple of weeks ago and now claims that it does not work anymore. So, I don't have new batteries at home and I cannot take a picture of what I have made. So let me tell what I have done. I cut out the letters for JOY and PEACE with the scrollsaw. Modgepodged them with last years SU Christmas DP, antiqued it a bit, added some chipboard and ribbon. I would LOVE to show this to you. So, I will keep on working and as soon as I can post something you will have something.

My dh's company situation is still not resolved. It does seem as if they will have to close, and this is quite hard for my dh, as this is what he has been working for, for many years already. So it is quite hard for him to let it go.
Thank you for your thoughts.

Good night and God bless you!


mj said...

praying for you and your family! it will all work out!

Nancy Grant said...

What situations. I pray all is resolved and there is peace for your husband.