Friday, February 22, 2008


I found this challenge to be disconnected here. This is a challenge for me, to take a day and not connect with anything that can be connected. I would say for myself that would be this computer. To take a day and not just admire the rest of you bloggers and stampers creations and do some creating myself. You might say that I have been rather disconnected lately. I do apologize. I have been dealing with some personal issues lately, which include not being motivated and inspired to create. So, I want to challenge myself to a day of not connecting online and creating myself. This will probably be Monday or Tuesday, as usually the weekend is full of other life for me. Want to join in this challenge?


Lesa said...

This is a good thing. I am sorry you are dealing with challenges. It seems we are too. I love this post and will spend some time doing this. Thank you and I hope your life gets back on track. Hugs!

Stampin' Meg said...

hmm that is a neat premise -so would we not connect witha TV that day too?

I sure hope that things smooth out in your life for you soon!