Thursday, June 4, 2009


So, as I mentioned at the end of my previous post, I am seriously thinking that I should change the name of my blog. It is definitely NOT a Corner of enchantment, other than the enchantment being extremely hidden who knows where. LOL!
So, I have decided that I want to reward you readers that still come by faithfully by asking you to name my blog and rewarding you for it.
So what I would like for you to do is make a comment and give me a name you think I should use and also let me know what you would like as a reward, i.e. flowers, embellishments, stamps, etc. Please don't announce this, as this is for YOU my faithful ones. And the name that I like the most will win something special.

Hope you participate Ann, Vicki, Velta, Tonje, and the other ones of you that come by but don't leave a comment!! Looking forward to seeing you suggestions!!


eviledna said...

Hello Rosella,
So you want to change your blog name,mmmm, I've been through your blog looking for inspiration, and came up with a few names...
The Reluctant Crafter
The Pedantic Crafter
Maybe today … maybe tomorrow
Don’t rush me, I’m an artist
Mojo a go-go
Classical Stamping
Classic Stamping
A Crafters' Concerto
Stamping Chic
Momma Stamps
Stamping Queen
Stamping Sonata
Stampin’ up a storm
Ink it and weep
There you go, a few names to ponder and have a giggle at.
Take care & keep smiling
Ann x

Velta said...

Rosella ~ I think you should use your name (Rosella) in your new name! I love and laughed at the names that Ann sent...LOL.

Rosella's Musings

I do like Stamping Sonata aka
Rosella's Stamping Sonata

and Rosella's Stamping Concerto

I guess it is too early in the morn for me to come up with my own ideas...but what ever you decide, my friend, I will always be here checking you out!

BTW...can you send me the recipie for that crochet flower below? Just beautiful!!

Good Luck with your name and take care ~

sandyh50 said...

Rosella, I always read my email feed when it comes! I laughed at all the names in the first post! I love your name and I think it should be "Rosella's Ramblings".


Anonymous said...

WOWZER!! Change you name? Hmm...I guess when I did the name for my blog, I thought what I wanted the blog to do as far as what people would get out of it (hopefully) when coming to my blog and thus the name "stamped smiles" was born! :)

I guess I'm saying think about what you want people to know about your blog with your title. I want people to see stamped smiles!! :)

Raisa said...

I must admit, I don't know what enchantment means... I'll have to check that! Anyway it sounds beautifull :) But if You havi to change it hmmm...maybe
"Rosellas rosy dreams"

Raisa said...

Yhank You for explaining enchantement, I noe realized I have seen a childrens movie Enhanted, so I should have known the meaning :)
Well, I still think it is really good name for your blog, its not tha quantity, it's the quality that matters :)

Raisa said...

Oh boy, there was a bunch of miss spellings... I meant THANK YOU and not noe but now the movie is Enchanted and THE quantity...


My lifes inky escape and more said...

Hi I just wanted to say thank you for praying for my SIL! She's in worse shape now and there's only one more thing to try.