Tuesday, April 28, 2009


And I don't think you want to participate, but I'm supposed to link you here. So PLEASE don't go HERE, because I'm sure you won't like it at all. LOL!! Okay, if you're still reading this. It is one of the BEST blog candy's I have ever seen.


eviledna said...

LOL, you are naughty. It is a REALLY extravagant Blog Candy, and have you seen all the comments left, It would probably take me twenty years to get that many. Hey ho the ones I get are more than good enough for me :o)
Take care, keep smiling and if you entered that mega blog candy - GOOD LUCK.
Ann x

Velta said...

Hey Rosella ~ Thanks for sharing this with us...When I went to comment there were over 2000 comments...great blog candy...I hope you and yours are doing well :)

Nice said...

I`m not a winner for those thinks. So i wish for you that you are the winner!

An now to the TicTacHolder:
There is no problem. Because no one show it with the inside (i think i write a crazy english). You can
make a holder for all that you want. A friend make it for the little thinks you make fire with. I dont know the english word.

Hanna said...

A while ago, you visit my blog and asked where you can find instructions for beading.
The bracelet I've designed myself, but there are many books and places on internet with instructions for beading.
If you want to, you can always
E-mail me if you have any questions. (you can find my E-mail in my sidebar)

Have a nice day! :o)
Hugs from Hanna

Rosella said...