Friday, December 14, 2007


Gabby has tagged me and now I am supposed to tell you 7 weird or other things about myself. Thanks Gabby! I must say, I'm having a hard time coming up with these. I guess I'm so used to my weirdness that it seems normal to me LOL!

So here they are:
1.- I was born in Mexico to my parents, who were born in Canada. My grandparents were born in Russia. Their forefathers came to Russia from Holland and Germany. Can anyone help me out. What nationality am I?
2.- I speak 4 languages, but find I can express myself using at least 3 of them in one sentence.
3.- I was diagnosed with Cronic Fatigue syndrome. So, you can blame it on that if I don't post everyday. I'd rather be sleeping.
4.- My favorite food is definitely Mexican, and I find it hard to cook it here in Canada. Also love Italian.
5.- I'm addicted to crafts. My problem is that I don't finish things, because there is always something new to start.
6.- Our bathroom looks as if Picasso was at work. My dh and I have been trying to refinish it, and we're always not quite happy with the results, so that's were it is now.
7.- I am also addicted to coffee. Have to have my coffee everyday. This is an addiction I got from my MIL. She had the habit of making a coffee when we came over. We'd sit down and talk. I guess I do this in her memory.

So, I am supposed to tag 7 people. So, as I see so many of you have been tagged, I will leave it up to you, who have not been tagged to take this as a tag from me. Please leave me a comment so that I can come and read your 7 things. Would love to get to know you better too.
Thanks for playing!


Gabby said...

It's fun reading more on your favorite blogging sisters! How don't need a have so many to pick from! I'm the same, only I was born in the U.S. to Mexican parents with French and Spanish backgrounds. So I'm all those great nationalities! ;) Who'd chose from just 1! Not me! :P Thanks for playing!

P.S. Happy Birthday to your DD Vanessa!

RockyMountainStamper said...

I just did the tagging thing a couple days ago, so there's *fascinating* info on my blog if you're interested!

Love all your awesome factoids! I'm such a people person and I really do love finding out more about my SBS Sistas.

Have a great day!

Michelle said...

Rosella, I'd say you're a mutt, like most people are these days. I would love to be around when you're switching from language to language in a sentence, just to see the looks on everyone's faces. Thanks for sharing these things with us! Always nice to get to know the people behind the cards.

Sharon in NE said...

I loved learning more about you. I toast you with my large cup of coffee. ;)

GinaP said...

oh wow, it's great to get to know these things about you! I love the confusion of your heritage - you're a bit of everything and it's awesome! I was tagged by Gabby, too, and I haven't done it yet (bad sista), so I guess now after reading your fun stuff I'll go and do mine, too. Thanks for the get-to-know-you and for the inspiration!

Stacy said...

Wow! You got all these great places in the world in your family! That is pretty cool!

Marilyn said...

Hi Rosella! Glad to know I have another Canadian sista!! It was so fun reading all your interesting facts too! Glad you played along! That is awesome that you speak four languages!! Which four? I am also hopelessly addicted to crafting and my husband cannot for the life of him understand it - glad I have sistas who do!!

Yanitza Ramos said...

Hola Rosella,

Solo para decirte que tengo un webring para latinas y estas cordialmente invitada a ser parte de el... si te interesa aqui esta el link:

Lorraine said...

i was tagged too, have did you find the time to do this!
have a Very Merry Christmas! xoxo


Saludos desde México amigaaaaaaaa!!! Está lindo tu blog y me divierto intentando traducir tu inglés perfecto hehehehe...

Stampin' Meg said...

four langauages -wow!!!