Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Thank you so much Tonje! I feel honored.
Now it is up to me to send an award to other bloggers who make me smile. All of them have shown me in their own way that they are special people, which makes me smile.

Yanitza Ramos
Julia Stainton
Nancy Grant

Thank you for making me SMILE. Pass it on!


Yanitza Ramos said...

OMG! I really wasn't expecting this. Thank you so much!

Snuppeline said...

Hi Rosella. See you have problems getting the picture of the "you make me smile" award on to your blog. I just know how I do it with the Internet Explorer program. I use the right button on my mouse to click on the picture I want to use (go to my blog and find the you-make-me-smile...picture there) Then it pops up a small screen asking me what I want to do. I then click on the "save picture as.." I choose where to put it, usually among "my pictures" ,I give it a name and make sure it ends on .jpg
Then I can go and get it as I usually do with all the other pictures I put in my blog of my cards.

I don't know if this is what you meant. And if you didn't understand a single thing, don't worry. My knowlede of data is quite limited and in combination with a rather poorly english too, it might be just impossible to understand what I meant.

Have a lovely day!!

Nancy Grant said...

So sweet! Thank you for the award. I am happy to know that I can be of cheer.


Laura said...

Hi Rosella,

You made a suggestion on my blog that I have a subscription link, thanks so much for the little nudge, I now have the link on my blog. Have a fabulous day!! Love your blog btw!


mj said...

hi rosella! still trying to collect myself from being on vacation ... sorry for the delay in a reply! thank you for my smile award! that made me smile! hee!

Gunhild said...

Hi Rosella! Thank you for giving me the 'You Make Me Smile Award'!
Big Hugs :)